Musica sacra Maastricht

Upcoming weekend, a lof of thrilling events will happen in Maastricht.

Find the entire program at:

23 September I play during the High Mass in the the Sint-Servaasbasiliek. It starts at 10 pm. You can listen to the mass for two organs by Louis Vierne. The second organ will be played by Arno Kerkhof, Hans Heykers will conduct the Cappella Sancti Servatii which is enforced with the vocal ensemble Silhouet.

In the afternoon you can hear in the same church the famous Psalm 94 by Julius Reubke, played by me. Together with Fête-Dieu by Hendrik Andriessen and Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch it is an outstanding program to conclude this festival. The cello part is played by Mirel Iancovici. This events starts at 5 am.